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Cave de Tain


Cave de Tain is a large Co-Operative producer based in the town of Tain L’Hermitage – the wine centre of the Northern Rhone Region, and located at the foot of the infamous ‘Hermitage’ hill.  Cave de Tain combines the strength of more than 100 individual growers, with more than 1,000 hectares of vines across the Northern Rhone.  They are the largest producer of AOC quality Syrah in Europe and a Syrah specialist.  Growers are rewarded based on the quality of the grapes they produce, with higher tier wines selected from superior sites - the top wines produced from the thin stony soils and steep terraced vineyard sites of Hermitage.  They are proud to be the recipients of the 'Co-Op Winery of the Year' from the Revue de Vin de France in January 2015, and highly rated by Jancis Robinson and infamous wine journal 'The Wine Advocate'.

Varietal Notes


Syrah lends hints of spice as well as colour, structure and tannins, giving wines that can be impenetrably dark and intensely, richly flavoured with great aging characteristics.


Roussanne produces fruit that is high in acidity and in aromatic qualities that produce a wine that is racy and lively with the potential to age. An excellent blending wine. Straw yellow in colour, offer a remarkable nose and age nicely. A noble grape variety, it gives wines a satisfying colour and an elegant touch of apricot, hawthorn, unroasted coffee, and honeysuckle in the nose, with discreet hints of narcissus.     


Marsanne produces deeply colored wines that are rich and nutty, with hints of spice and pear. Marsanne requires a hot, dry climate with a lot of exposure to the sun. Rustic and sturdy, these vines are happy in poor soil, but good hillsides with stony earth provide the most harmonious development.  The wines can be high in alcohol and can be oak aged to develop more body.    As Marsanne ages, the wine takes on an even darker color and the flavors can become more complex and concentrated with an oily, honeyed texture. Aromas of nuts and quince can also develop. 

Easy drinking bright, soft and fruity Syrah from Northern Rhone Valley France

$18.50 $15.50 / unit (case of 6)

Fresh and delicate Marsanne from Northern Rhone Valley France

$15.50 / unit (case of 6)

This is a quality Hermitage AOC Syrah for under $100 - unheard of! Very...


Rich, vanilla, and spicy Marsanne & Rousanne blended white from northern...

$40.00 / unit (case of 6)

Velvety oaked Syrah with full flavour from northern Rhone valley

$49.50 $42.00
$47.50 $39.50 / unit (case of 6)

100% Marsanne from the Rhone Valley


Rare, fine, pre-aged Hermitage Syrah from the Northern Rhone

$150.00 $127.50

Very fine 'plot selection' from the steep hillside of Cornas,...

$85.00 $72.00

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