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Chateau Ducourt

Founded in 1858 by Pierre Ducourt with a few hectares of vines, over the generations has expanded to an impressive 450 hectares and 14 individual chateaus across 6 different sub-appellations of Bordeaux making it one of the largest independent families in the region.   

Each generation of the Ducourt family has managed to adhere to the philosophy dictated by our elders : to get the best out of each ‘terroir’ through a combination of traditional common sense and current techniques to produce ‘pleasure’ wines which are both authentic and affordable. In addition, sustainability plays a large part of the Ducourt family ethos - researching and investing in disease control, climate change impact, and are part of the Dephy Agricultural Group - taking part in experimental programs to minimise the amount of intervention for vineyard health.

The wines from Ducourt are a balance of modern winemaking techniques that make approachable and attractive wines without detracting from the traditional terroir and character of the individual vineyards.

The Ducourt family in the 1960s. The family chateau 


Great value "Right Bank" Bordeaux, smooth and easy drinking

$24.00 $20.00
$24.00 $18.00 / unit (case of 12)

Aged Bordeaux - a direct import from Wineseeker.

$30.00 $25.50
$30.00 $24.00 / unit (case of 12)

100% Merlot from Bordeaux - the Reserve wine from Chateau Ducourt made in small...


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