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Maison Noire - Micro Hawkes Bay Winery

To call Maison Noire a boutique producer would be over-stating it, with less than a single hectare of vines planted this is a true micro-winery that we recently discovered. This week we feature all seven of the Maison Noire wines, all open on tasting and all on great special pricing too.  

Guillaume Thomas 

comes originally from a tiny village in the Loire Valley of France - his career first started as a singer in a band, blues, rock and punk. Inspired by a neighbour with the challenges and romance of winemaking, he learned the trade in Bordeaux, the Loire and the South of France before relocating to New Zealand where he met his wife Esther. 

The vineyards are located roughly 6km South-East of Havelock North in Hawkes Bay - though Te Mata Peak stands obstinately in the way of a direct route. The vineyard is roughly half-way between the Tuki-Tuki River and Ocean Beach. Guillaume and his family first planted vines Maison Noire a boutique winery would overstate it - micro is more like it. With under First planted in 2014, the vines on the "estate" are very young but supplemented by contract fruit from around the Hawkes Bay region.  

The wines are inspired by European winemaking styles with grape varieties native to Guillaume's home region in the Loire Valley along with other classic French grapes and an interloper by way of an Albarino (a grape from North-West Spain). 

Drop in this week to taste the range - all on great special pricing. 

Micro Hawkes Bay producer with a luscious oaked but not buttery Chardonnay

$30.00 $24.00

Tiny volume aromatic white made from the Spanish grape Albarino


French style of dry and pale Rose produced in Hawkes Bay from Cabernet Franc


'Franc' from the Hawkes Bay, made in tiny volumes by artisan French...


Great Cabernet from a new Hawkes Bay producer

$29.50 $24.00

Brilliant new Hawkes Bay Syrah

$32.00 $24.00

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