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18) Coravin Wine System

$675.00 $575.00

Unique wine preservation system - taste every wine in your cellar - so long as it has a cork!

The Coravin is revolutionising the wine world- giving you the capability of delving into any cork sealed wine in your cellar without disturbing it's cellar life.  The needle pierces through the cork and injects argon gas, a completely inert gas that protects against oxidization, and the wine the flows through the same needle into the neck of the Coravin. The cork re-seals itself, and the wine can continue to age as though nothing has happened, for months or even years. A great tool for anyone with an extensive cellar, or to just enjoy a bottle over time. Used by top wine bars such as Noble Rot in Wellington. Note the Coravin system only works with bottles sealed under cork.

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