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Black Ridge Pinot Noir

$36.50 $31.00
Country / Region: Otago
Vineyard: Black Ridge
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Vintage: 2013

Delicate and complex Alexandra Pinot - from one of the oldest producers in the region.

Alexandra is home to the southern-most vineyards in the worlds, a sub-region that produces distinctive terroir. The Pinot here tends to be elegant, perfumed and with smooth fine tannins, dramatically different from the bold fand savoury fruit bombs of nearby Bannockburn.  Black Rock sits among rugged thyme covered schist outcrops.  Stark, yet beautiful. 

Black Ridge was one of the first to plant in the region, with many of their vines being almost 40 years old. Aromas of strawberry, cherry, and milk chocolate, light in colour, and delicate on the palate. Subtle and complex, featuring spiced berries, oregano, a touch of black pepper, and very smooth tannins and good persistence. Serve with French lamb cutlets, make mine medium-rare please.

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