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Castillo de Molina Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

$29.00 $24.00
Country / Region: South America
Vineyard: San Pedro
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage: 2016

Reserve Sauvignon from the Elqui Valley in Chile

This wine originates from the finest vineyards that Viña San Pedro currently has in the Elqui Valley, set upon sandy silt-loam soils with sharp stones throughout its entire profile. The vineyard receives a strong marine influence, as it is situated approximately 20km from the sea. Mist from the ocean enters the river basin each morning, settling over the vineyard until midday and giving for a cool, windy climate of coastal origin. The vine training system is vertical trellis with drip irrigation.

Due to its location, rain did not aect the Elqui Valley vineyards. The season showed minimal temperature changes compared to previous years, since the vineyard is located in an area with little temperature variation from season to season, because of the buer eect caused by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. This allows for consistency in our Sauvignon Blanc year after year.

Picked by hand, fully destemmed, and fermented at cool temperatures to maintain bright fruit and freshness. Elegant and crisp, grapefruit, lime and lemon married with herbaceous and mineral characters. 

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