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Chasing Harvest Old Vines Field Blend

Country / Region: Portugal
Vineyard: Chasing Harvest
Vintage: 2012

Exquisite dry red from the Douro Valley of Portugal

Portugal produces just as much dry table wine as they do sweet port, though the latter being the more famous by a wide margin.

All proper "Port" comes from the Douro Valley, which is largely grown on steep terraced sites enjoying hot dry and stable climate suitable for a range of hearty red grape varieties.  This wine is made by travelling American winemakers Mike and Jenn Kush from Chicago, the fruit coming from a small but high quality vineyard in the upper Douro.  Made in a traditional field blend of many different grape varieties, the most dominant being Touriga Nacional (the king grape of Port wines), followed by Tinta Roriz (aka- Tempranillo), and Touriga Franca (the most widely grown red grape in the Douro) and potentially 20+ other grape varieties.

Field blends are all picked together, co-fermented to make a seamless blend - rather than vinifying separate grape varieties individually & blending later. Matured for 23 months in good quality oak, the wine comes across as a crossover between a high quality Rioja and a French Bordeaux.  Delicious!


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