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Pheasant's Tears Shavkapito (Republic of Georgia)

Vineyard: Pheasant's Tears
Varietal: Shavkapito
Vintage: 2013

Ancient indigenous grape - Shavkapito - is a royal red wine once enjoyed by Georgian Kings

Wines from the Republic of Georgia.  Winemaking started in the Caucuses 8000 years ago - well before the Greeks started.

Pheasant's Tears make wines from ancient indigenous grape varieties, unfiltered and unfined, fermented in 'qvevri' of large clay amphora, lined with organic beeswax and buried in the earth.

This royal red once enjoyed by Georgian kings offers a nose rich with smoky leather and tobacco plus a hint of anise and fills the palate with plum and cherry and a hint of licorice on the smooth finish.  Serve with roasted or grilled lamb or beef as well as game birds and tomato sauces.

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