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Riondo Collezione Prosecco

$18.00 $17.50 / unit (case of 6)
Country / Region: Italy
Vineyard: Riondo
Varietal: Prosecco

Creamy sparkling Prosecco from Northern Italy.

Made from the Glera grape, Prosecco is Italy's famous sparkling wine. The 'Collezione' is a DOC quality, denoted 'Extra Dry' - note that this actually means very slightly sweet (the drier style of Prosecco is classified 'Brut' not Dry, just to be confusing).

Lush and creamy on the palate, peach and nectarine with a twist of citrus.  Very nice and easy drinking style.

Tasting notes

13 December 2013 by Katie Hutton

Classic peach and pear with waxy white florals on the nose.  Vibrant bead with creamy texture, a little fresh chalk and ripe stonefruits on the palate.  A touch of sweetness brings out fruit characters and adds mouth-feel.  Castleforte Prosecco will make an excellent summer aperitif or Champagne cocktail when mixed with peach schnapps or fresh peach puree!

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