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Royal Tokaji 5P Aszu

Country / Region: Hungary
Vineyard: Royal Tokaji
Varietal: Furmint
Vintage: 2009

Genuine Hungarian Tokaji - 5 Puttonyos Aszu (250ml)

Tokaji (pronounced 'Toe-Kai' is one of the great dessert wines of the world.  Produced from Furmint and other grapes, its sweetness is measured in 'Puttonyos' on a scale of 1-6 (where 6 is the sweetest).  The term Puttonyos translates to 'baskets' - and refers to the number of baskets of Ascu berries that are added to the wine, the berries are picked individually and trampeled into a thick paste.  The ferment happens very slowly, sometimes lasting several years (typically a normal wine takes a few days or weeks to ferment) resulting in astonishing complex and rich flavours. Ascu quality level accounts for less than 1% of the region's production.

This is a very sweet wine, but interestingly not cloying at all because of the freshening and balancing acidity that makes these wines so sought after.  Flavours of orange peel, apricot, honey and caramel.  

Blue cheese or Fois Gras makes the perfect pair.

Note the bottle size at 250ml

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