Congratulations Raymond Chan

Those in the 'wine industry' in Wellington, or indeed New Zealand will know the name Raymond Chan. One of the tireless independent wine reviewers, wine critic, judge and flag bearer for the fine wine industry for 30 years.

This week sees Raymond taking the 2017 Sir George Fistonich Medal - awarded once a year honouring just one individual for outstanding contribution to the NZ wine industry.  Incidentally, if the name Fistonich doesn't ring a bell, he founded NZ wine giant Villa Maria in 1961.  This is a very prestigious award, boasting previous winners like Kevin Judd, Michael Cooper and Bob Campbell.  A huge congratulations - we're stoked for you Raymond! 

While you're at it, check out his website where he provides some of the most technical and accurate wine reviews in the country. We often refer to his expertise & it would be rare that we don't bump into him at any industry event: 

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