Silly Season


Christmas is upon us, whether we would risk it or not. This usually means copious amounts of good food and ample quantities of wine. The temptation to overindulge is a constant, coupled with a new gym membership and at least 3 days of abstinence come January. As the saying goes from Oscar Wilde, the only way to deal with temptation is to yield to it. Everything in moderation including moderation itself!

With the new drink driving limits in place, it doesn't pay to take risks. By all means have a great time out but please ensure you have transport plans. 

Have a tasty and indulgent time, if you haven't finished your Xmas shopping, or if you need some great wine for the break away, hopefully we'll see you in shop.  Check out our extended xmas hours... Otherwise we will see you with more tasting events, more specials and more wines from around the world in the new year. 

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