Vinexpo Hong Kong

Hong Kong hardly seems like the most common destination for wine scouting - unless you are heading to Vinexpo - a worldwide convention showcasing wines from all around the world.  Photo- Wan Chai waterfront- part of the expo centre is on the far left of this photo.  

Hong Kong is a city under constant construction- new highrises underway, new motorways and spectacular overpasses, repairs and renovation often completed with 15+ stories of bamboo scaffolding held together with cable ties.  Photo: No such concerns about earthquakes in HK when it comes to reclaimation - the harbour gets a little smaller each year.

It's the start of the 'Typhoon Season' in Hong Kong, and temperatures over 30 degrees with sweltering 90% humidity means suffering for a Wellington lad like me.  Thankfully the Expo takes place in a fancy expanded Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre covers some 83,000 sq meters of floor space, and hosting 1500 different producers of wine. French, Italian, Spanish, South American, a handful of Kiwi and Australian wines.  Spread over three levels, expertly organised and faultlessly managed.

I even got to taste my first Chinese wines - by in large these were very inexpensive and pretty simple wines, with the exception of one top-tier Bordeaux style wine that could have passed for something from the Medoc ... though would likely sell in excess of $100 NZD... watch out world!  Photo: Who could pass up the chance to try a wine called 'Noble Dragon' ... or 'Vini Panda'?? 

A couple hundred wines tasted and assessed - but feel like I just scratched the surface of what's on offer here.  We're hunting wines from Bordeaux and the Loire - so at least there is a chance to focus attention.  We seeking the perfect combination of tasty and approachable wines at good prices.  Vintage variation is quite dramatic (sadly 2013 wines from Bordeaux are looking 'tres ordinaire'). Thankfully I think we've found some gems, and our next import shipment should contain some new tasty treats.  Photo: Michael a bit too relaxed and 100% sober in 30 degree heat. 


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