Vista Wine Visit

On Friday we had the pleasure of hosting Greg Dryden- the owner of boutique Nelson vineyard Vista for a tasting in store showcasing Vista's Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. Vista vineyard is situated on North-West facing slope on Moutere gravels on Kina Beach Road , Nelson. Here the vineyard benefits from the Moutere clay soils and the shelter of their pine trees.

The definition of the word Vista is "A pleasing view; A long, narrow view as between trees or buildings". This sets the scene for the origin of Vista wines.Greg is a senior horticulture consultant and back at University set the goal to eventually live somewhere he could sit back and enjoy a breathtaking view. His wife Bridget shared this dream, to raise a family in a unique location. They searched for three years for land which encapsulated this and saw potential in the pine covered plot of land which would become Vista vineyard. With care they restored and nurtured the land and established 4,500 vines.

"After years of consulting to fruit growers it was time to walk the talk. We knew what type of sunlight, topography and soil we wanted as our canvas. We knew we had the passion and drive to produce premium grapes." Greg Dryden

Patrick Stowe of Rimu Grove is the winemaker. He was born in California's Napa Valley and completed his degree in biochemistry and microbiology in America in the 1980's producing his first wine at 19 years old. he moved to Nelson in 1995 and founded Rimu Grove.

Vista Pinot Gris

A pale yellow appearance in the glass with a subtle green tinge.Aromas of stone fruit, peach, and quince. On the palate crystallized ginger, pear, quince and honeysuckle. Rich and smooth with a dry finish and lingering mineral spice notes.

Vista Pinot Noir

A bright ruby appearance in the glass.Aromas of cherries and plums with hints of mushroom. On the palate wholesome sweet blackberry and plum with hints of liquorice and vanilla. A well rounded and densely structured finish.

Nelson Vista

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