Wines of Hungary

Some new arrivals in store this week in the run up to Christmas, wines from Hungary.

A young Hungarian gentleman by the name of Miki dropped in to see us introducing a range of interesting Hungarian wines.  Up until now my sole tasting experience from Hungary has been the exceptionally sweet and delicious dessert wine 'Tokaji' but unfamiliar with the other wines from the region.  

"Bulls Blood" or 'Egri Bikaver' is the other famous wine from Hungary, from the Eger region in the North-East of the country.  Legend has it that when the Ottoman Turks invaded the region, when they got to the town of Egri they were met by such fierce resistance that they thought the local people had been fortified by the 'blood of bulls.'  The wine thankfully does not include any blood, instead being made from a blend of as many as 30 grapes but usually dominant in Kadarka and Kekfrankos.  Kadarka is an indigenous grape to the region, full bodied dark skinned grape.  Kekfrankos is known as 'Blaufrankish' in Austria, but grown widely across Hungary making medium bodied fruity and peppery wines.  

In addition to two Bulls Blood wines, we have reds from Cabernet Sauvignon, and an interesting 'Royal Cuvee' made from a blend of Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Franc (the latter being an important grape in Hungary).  Lastly we also have a white wine made from 'Furmint' - one of the main grapes that make the sweet wine Tokaji - but in this case an off-dry aromatic and mineral wine.  Try something interesting and different these holidays!


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