Wineseeker hosts a diverse range of tasting events on-site at our store in Victoria Street. We often feature wine regions from outside New Zealand to bring a taste of Europe and beyond to Wellington.

Bastille Day! Discover the 'Cru' of France Wed 14 July

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Bastille Day celebrates the 'Storming of the Bastille' - a spark igniting the French Revolution. This time the fireworks will be in your glass as we explore some of the...

Vertical Tasting- Cru Classé Bordeaux (date TBA)

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A "Vertical" tasting is a unique opportunity to see the terroir of quality wine- tasting different vintages of the same wine to see how the years reflect the growing conditions...

Wine Essentials - for budding enthusiasts Thu May 13


Do you want to know more about wine and wine tasting and learn how to enjoy your wine more?  Taste, Savour, Share -  This event is intended for anyone who wants to learn...