Domaine Maurice Lecestre Chablis

Domaine Maurice Lecestre Chablis

Classic Chablis' grown on the Kimmerigien soils,

Long and lean, steely but not austere. Good freshness featuring more citrus and gooseberry flavours.

The Lecestre family founded their domaine in Chablis in 1956 and has been managing it for four generations. Working on Chablis' Kimmeridgian soil, they only produce white wines from this appellation (Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis 1er Cru Fourchaume) and manage their vineyards sustainably. This domaine always strives to draw out the great richness of the Chablis terroir, using only stainless-steel vats and intervening as little as possible in the vinification process. It is therefore able to produce rich and elegant white wines with a delicate mineral style that is absolutely unique.

 The region of Chablis sits halfway between the Champagne region and the ‘Cote d’Or’ of Burgundy.  Soils in Chablis are Kimmeridgien Marl – a type of calcareous limestone full of ancient oystershell fossil that brings a freshness, flintiness and unique mineral flavours to the wine unlike the rest of Burgundy.

  • France
  • France - Burgundy
  • White Wine
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