Veuve Doussot Champagne

Vineyard and Cellar are located at Noé-les-Mallets, a charming village in the heart of the Côte-des-Bar district. This area is closer in distance to Chablis than to the centre of the Champagne region, with a warmer microclimate ideal for Pinot Noir.  The soils of Veuve Doussot are rich with both clay and Kimmeridgian limestone, less of the chalky soils found further North.  As a result Veuve Doussot, like much of the Aube region produce Champagnes dominant in Pinot Noir.  This results in a richer style of Champagne with small amounts of Chardonnay to add aromatic balance and elegance to the wines.

The Aube region Champagnes are less prestigious than many of their northern cousins - but produce around 20% of total Champagne production, and tend to be outstanding value for money compared to the Grands Marques. 

Veuve Doussot Tradition Brut

Veuve Doussot Vineyards