Coney The Ritz Riesling

Coney The Ritz Riesling

The Ritz is a classical version of Riesling with 35g/l of residual sugar, ample acidity to give it zing, and lower alcohol at 9.5%.

This wine is all lemons, limes and spritz - designed to lighten your mood.

"People ask where the tongue tickle comes from. First, it’s intentional, not secondary fermentation in the bottle! The closest laymans analogy is soda stream. Yes, after gentle fermentation, fining and sterile filtration, we hook the tank up to a CO2 cylinder and gently bubble gas through the wine. A small amount sticks giving the zing that your finely honed palate detects. It’s an example of Boyles law of liquids/gases in action. To be successful we need to control the temperature of the wine and the flow rateof CO2, Then it’s up to our bottling plantnot to lose the smidgen of CO2 during bottling. Pedantically speaking The Ritz is an aperitif –wedding guests at Coneys sip it appreciatively with delicious canapes in the 1 hour gap when the victims are having their photos."

For Tim and Margaret Coney, what was first envisaged as a gentle descent into middle-aged retirement turned into a thriving bustle of vine tending, winemaking, marketing and and cafe-running, in the time-honoured tradition of manual labour. The Coney’s love of music, the basis for their logo, is celebrated in individual wine names and song on their website.

  • New Zealand
  • New Zealand - Wairarapa
  • White Wine
  • Riesling

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