Croft QDR Vintage Collection
Croft QDR Vintage Collection

Croft QDR Vintage Collection

This is a collection of 6-bottles of Vintage QDR Port from Croft. In this limited edition collection are two bottles of each of three different vintages: 1995, 2004, and 2008, in a custom wooden box. 

Proper Portuguese Port comes only from the Douro Valley, and in particularly good years then 'Vintage Port' is created. Like the name implies this comes from a single year, rather than most port that is blended from several different years together for a consistent house style.  Vintage Port is considered the highest quality Port, and makes up just 3% of production.

Higher again in quality is 'Single Quinta' Vintage Port.  "Quinta" in Portuguese literally translates as 'farm' or 'estate', and in the context of Port wine is essentially port that comes from a single individual vineyard block, bringing all the individuality and character of that one site from a single year.  

The Croft Port House has a cherished block called 'Quinta Roeda' (photo attached) - a combination of old vines and steep terraces in a prime location next to the Douro River.  

Note that Vintage Port needs to be treated like a fine wine, and unlike normal Ruby and Tawny Ports that can be enjoyed immediately and in small amounts over weeks after opening - Vintage Port needs to be aged, decanted before serving, and finished within a couple of days after opening.  Classic vintages will go well over 30+ years if kept well, the rule of thumb for most Vintage Ports is a minimum of 10 years old, and will continue to improve for several years in the cellar.

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