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Essential Wine Tasting Guide

The Essential Wine Tasting Guide© is used as a
  • Key reference and educational resource for wine enthusiasts, consumers, professionals and students
  • Standardised wine tasting vocabulary to demystify wine talk which can seem so intimidating at first
  • Useful prompt for even the most experienced professional
  • Practical wine appreciation and tasting guide to use when tasting, selecting or purchasing wine
The Essential Wine Tasting Guide© contains:-

Three distinct categories to help you focus on your aroma and flavour notes for over 30 different wine grape varieties and wine styles, by listing the most common aromatic descriptors for :-

icon Fruit Influence
icon Bottle Age Character
icon Winemakers Influence.

A vivid colour chart provides an objective way to evaluate the colour of the wine in your glass, and provides lists of terms to use to describe the appearance of the wine regarding its Clarity, Depth and Liveliness.

An extensive list of tactile and taste descriptors to help you describe characteristics such as Balance, Body, Consistency, Age, Alcoholic Strength, Astringency, Bitterness, Carbon Dioxide, Tannins, Structure, Intensity, Complexity, Acidity, Sweetness, Length and Finish.

A comprehensive list of descriptors to help you define your overall impression of a wine.

A concise description of wine faults that guides you in detecting any problems you might unexpectedly meet in a glass of wine.

Recommended serving temperatures for a variety of wine styles to enhance your enjoyment of the wine.

A scorecard for you to independently rate a wine and be your own judge.

Did we mention that it's only the size of a credit card?

  • Accessories

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