Foradori Lezer Teroldego

Foradori Lezer Teroldego

The Lezer Foradori is a creation by the renowned Elisabetta Foradori. It could be said that she has single handedly brought the intriguing Teroldego grape back from the brink of extinction. She is also one of the key figureheads of Biodynamic production in the Trentino region. In August 2017 a rare wave of hail destroyed 40% of the Foradori harvest and gave them the opportunity to try something new. Lezèr is the product of experimentation with the grapes from the damaged Foradori vineyards, which would have been problematic for the usual long macerations. Dozens of different quick macerations were done in all the different vessels: clay tinajas, oak casks, barriques, steel and cement tanks. All vinifications have a maximum skin contact of 24 hours in common. Lezèr is a mosaic of the most successful results of Foradori’s Teroldego experiments.

This is a relatively light wine - more like a rosè. Fruity and easy drinking - it was the favourite wine at a recent Italian tasting we attended. Its name derives from the Trentino dialectical term for ‘light’, and the Italian ‘leggero’. It pairs well with charcuterie, cheeses and bread.

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