Gonzales Byass Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva

Gonzales Byass Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva

Tasting Note

The nose have a quite an elegant profile, fresh with bright fruity notes like apricots, grapes and sour citrus. Hints of old wood and leather. Honey coated nuts and a light touch of vanilla. A refined drink, one of the sherry brandies that comes closest to classic Armagnac and Cognac.

The palate is very smooth, slightly sweeter than expected. Still a light (now slightly syrupy) fruitiness with more pronounced vanilla. Golden raisins, almonds and honey again. Hints of praline and latte in the end. Medium length, raisiny finish.

About the wine

Lepanto is the flagship brandy from Gonzales Byass. Lepanto is the place of a famous 16th century naval battle, near Patras in Greece, where the Spanish Armada was defeated by the Ottomans. It is the only Brandy de Jerez produced entirely in Jerez.

Distilled in González Byass pot stills in the center of the city, it is made from Palomino grapes grown in Jerez and aged following the traditional Solera system in American oak casks that have previously contained Sherry, which ensures that both quality and flavor remain constant over time.

Lepanto is distilled in two Charentais pot stills originally from Cognac dating from the 1960s. Following the second distillation the distillate is fractioned into heads, tails and hearts with only the heart, known as holanda in Jerez, being used for Lepanto.

The brandy is then aged for a minimum of 12 years in American oak casks previously used for ageing Sherry. Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva is finished in sweet oloroso casks.

  • Spain
  • Fortified
  • Brandy

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