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Marcati il Bacio Delle Muse Brandy Riserva 20 anni

Brilliant amber/orange gold in colour, similar to a fine French Cognac. Delicate aromas of peach, pear skin, and nutmeg with subtle white floral lift. Clean on the palate, with a pleasing texture, a hint of toffee, hazelnut, dried stone fruits, and a warm but light finish. 40% alcohol.

Brandy is at its essence a spirit made from distilled wine - as distinct from whisky distilled from grains. Brandy has been produced in Italy for hundreds of years, and like whisky the finer versions are aged for long periods in oak barrels to develop complexity in flavour and texture.

Brothers Piero and Luigi Marcati family started their business originally in a family pharmacy, which soon expanded into an artisan laboratory and distillery. Their first site in Verona was destroyed in WWII, and rebuilt in the post-war revival building to a successful business specialising in Grappa, Brandy, and other specialist spirits.

Mr. Piero's old recipe book, which he created starting in the Twenties and kept continuously updated, contains ancient recipes for fine infusions and delicate liquors. The recipes relate the entire experience and enthusiasm of the man who understood how to identify, dose and mix up ingredients to create fine and exclusive formulas. Even today, that recipe book is a source for Marcati's production, which has succeeded in maintaining intact its character of craft originality, combined with research and experimentation.

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