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Wineseeker - Fine Wines from New Zealand and around the World

Upcoming Events

Oct 19

Full booked as at 6pm (13/10/17) Live life in a bubble! If you love your bubbles in all flavours and forms then this one is not to be missed. A World of Bubbles takes sparkling wines from 6 different countries and a wide range of styles.

Oct 28

Do you want to know more about wine and wine tasting and learn how to enjoy your wine more? 

Nov 1

Blind Wine Tasting is one not just the preserve of poncy wine judges, it's terrific fun especially with a group of likeminded wine enthusiasts. We're kicking off our first Blind Tasting event at Wineseeker, and assuming this is successful we'll run this on a regular basis.  

Featured & Specials

Dry and pale rose from Marlborough Pinot Noir

$25.00 $19.00

Feminine style of Sauvignon Blanc with cut grass, citrus and restrained...

$25.00 $21.25

Smooth plummy and ripe Malbec from Mendoza in Argentina

$24.00 $19.00

Smooth and fruity Cabernet from Mendoza in Argentina.

$24.00 $19.00

New in-store

Sweet spicy and fresh Malbec from Mendoza region in Argentina


Meaty, structured and elegant Reserva Tempranillo from La Rioja Alta


Dry and pale rose from Marlborough Pinot Noir

$25.00 $19.00

Local Pinot Gris from an Icon producer


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