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Apr 29

Amarone della Valpolicella is considered one of the “big three” of the prestige wines of Northern Italy.   Made from a blend of grapes air-dried, produces a wine of great power, and complexity and age-worthy.

May 10

Do you want to know more about wine and wine tasting and learn how to enjoy your wine more? 

May 13

The largest and most famous wine region in France, Bordeaux wines range from cheap quaffers to some of the most extravagant and most sought after wines of the world.

Featured & Specials

30-year anniversary Chardonnay from Millton Estate in Gisborne.

$25.00 $17.85

Bold top tier Primitivo from Puglia from old vines. Gold Medal winner.

$65.00 $58.50

Little Southern Beauty from Southern France - Cotes du Roussillon Village.

$25.00 $19.60

Bright clean bargain Pinot Noir from Waipara.

$19.90 $14.00

New in-store

30-year anniversary Chardonnay from Millton Estate in Gisborne.

$25.00 $17.85

This Spanish varietal shines in the Waiheke Island sun with loads of 4 star...


Gamay Noir is the grape variety of Beaujolais France that Te Mata has perfected...


Native variety from Italy. Expressive juicy plum and red berry fruit combines...


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