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Upcoming Events

Feb 12

Every year we celebrate the awesome variety of wine that Riesling can produce, from fresh and bone-dry to fat and super-sweet.  Under-valued and under-appreciated, we'll be tasting 9 different French, German and Kiwi Riesling including a 16-year old Grand-Cru from Alsace.

Feb 21

Do you want to know more about wine and wine tasting and learn how to enjoy your wine more? 

Feb 25

Mother's Ruin, Gin is what made the 20's Roar, join us to taste different styles of Kiwi and Imported Gins, including Genever where it all began, a splash of good Tonic, and Gin cocktails made by Dan our inhouse barman. (Safer to leave the car at home...)

Featured & Specials

Funky unfiltered Italian sparkling

$33.00 $19.50

Bright, tropical Marlborough Sav

$23.00 $16.00

Smooth Yet Spicy Margaret River Shiraz

$33.00 $26.00

Barrel Fermented Spanish White like a White Rioja

$24.00 $19.00

New in-store

Toasty fruity Hawkes Bay Chardonnay.


Funky unfiltered Italian sparkling

$33.00 $19.50

Rhone-killer from the Wairarapa


Excellent vintage bordeaux-style blend from three different vineyard sites...


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