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    With the recent rumbles near Kaikoura all South Island deliveries are facing extra delays, combined with the busy season expect an extra 2-4 days.

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Upcoming Events

May 9

Fully booked as at 29/4/17 Not "Bring Your Own" ... but rather "Blend Your Own"!  Bordeaux wines are a careful blend of different of six different grape varieties featuring Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon along with other blending grapes.

Jun 2

'Festa della Repubblica' celebrates the formation of the Italian Republic & Italy's National Day.

We'll be tasting wines from all over Italy to explore the diversity of different grapes and styles of wine that makes Italy so unique. 

Cost TBA

Jul 14

Vive La Revolution!  Bastille Day marks the fall of the infamous Bastille Prison that sparked the French Revolution. 

Featured & Specials

Classic Red Burgundy from famous producer Olivier Leflaive,

$52.00 $44.20

Velvety oaked Syrah with full flavour from northern Rhone valley

$49.50 $42.00
$47.50 $39.50 / unit (case of 6)

Edelzwicker is a easy-drinking white aromatic blend from Alsace France showing...

$24.00 $18.00

Full bodied blend from Graves.


New in-store

Classic Red Burgundy from famous producer Olivier Leflaive,

$52.00 $44.20

Vintage Blanc de Blanc Champagne from a family grower house


Half Sized Champagne, for little celebrations


Declassified Pauillac - bargain wine from a great vintage


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