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Dom Perignon Vintage 2006

Country / Region: France
Vineyard: Dom Perignon
Varietal: Champagne
Vintage: 2006

Possibly the most famous Champagne in the world, top of the 'Moet' line.

Named for Dom Pierre Perignon, a monk from a benedictine abbey in the 17th century, a great pioneer of winemaking techniques often (mistakenly) credited with inventing Champagne. 'Dom' is always a vintage champagne from an individual year, never blended, and only made in good years.

Tasting notes

13 December 2013 by Katie Hutton

Considered a 'broad shouldered' Champagne, with a higher portion of Pinot Noir than usual making a more muscular wine. Loaded with fruit, structure and personality. Put it in the cellar if you have the patience? it's already 10 years old now but will reward 10+ years or more if given time.

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