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MenhirSalento No. Zero Negroamaro IGT

Country / Region: Italy
Vineyard: MenhirSalento
Varietal: Negroamaro
Vintage: 2013

Classic bold Negroamaro

Puglia is the region in South Eastern Italy affectionatly considered the 'Heel of the Boot' that juts out into the Ionian Sea.  Hot, dry and sunny, featuring over 300 days of sunshine a year and regularly over 40 degrees in the growing season. Puglia also produces half of Italy's olives.  We are tasting one of the three prominent grapes today- Negroamaro. Many would translate this as "black-bitter" but many examples are anything but.  

This wine comes from the large wine region of Salento, made from 100% Negroamaro grapes. Deeply coloured, aromas of boysenberry and marzipan. Soft in the mouth, fleshly ripe berries and sweet spices, with easy-going tannins making it an smooth sipper. Black, yes. Bitter, not so much.

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