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Pierre Chainier Selection 1749 Sauvignon Blanc

$19.00 $14.99
Country / Region: France
Vineyard: Pierre Chainier
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage: 2015

Softer style of Sauvignon Blanc to traditional NZ Sav.

Tasting Note

Pierre Chainier ‘Cour de la Roche’ 1749 Sauvignon Blanc 2015

100% Sauvignon Blanc, blend of Loire and Cognac regions of Western France.  Vin du France.  

Aromas of nectarine, lemon-lime and green basil, a softer style of Sauvignon compared to NZ versions, smooth with herbaceous and citrus on the palate with a salty mineral finish.

About Pierre Chainier

Pierre Chainier house has a long wine history in Bordeaux reaching back to the 1700s, and relative newcomers to the Loire Valley. They now control 250 hectares of vines through the Loire with vineyards from Muscadet to Sancerre with the varied individual terroirs of chalky limestone of the Paris basin, to the flinty clay soils of the Cher Valley.  Husband and wife control different vineyards and produce interestingly different styles of wines.

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