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Free In store Tasting Today : Churton Petit Manseng

Today we've opened up a rare treat! Petit Manseng is a grape rarely found outside of South-West France, Churton having the first vines planted in NZ. Its thick skins and loose bunches allow it to be picked very late, sometimes waiting until the small grapes are shriveled on the vine to intensify the already high natural sugars. 

Intense aromas of quince, pineapple juice, baked apple pastry and caramel, bursting with papaya, mango, coconut, cinnamon and exotic eastern spices - starts sweet but finishes remarkably fresh.

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Winery of the Week: Churton

Week of 17 September, we kick off a new Winery of the Week, to coincide with the first NZ Organic Wine Week we feature one of the best wineries in Marlborough. We'll be tasting a selection of their wines including their impressive Sauvignon, Viognier, Pinot Noir, and decadent sweet wine. Come in to try these wines with us. 

More Tasting Events to be announced soon, including Tasting Essentials, plus more from our Exploration Series and some guest presenters!

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New products in store

We regularly change up what we have available on our shelves so that you get to try new and differently things on a regular basis. We decide what we should get in based on what you, our customers, ask us for as well as what we taste and believe is something worthy of your attention.

If you find something is out of stock or not displayed on our website that you really want us to get for you, contact us with the details of what you would like us to get in for you.

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